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At a party, there are 32 men, 16 of whom are without dates, and 28 women, 12 of whom are without dates. Find the probability of picking someone at random and getting a person who is a women or without a date?


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Step 1

Addition rule of probability:

Addition rule of probability indicates the happening either of the events that are involved.

Consider two events A and B, the happening of either of the events A or B is obtained as follows:

Step 2

Obtain the probability of getting a person who is a women or without date.

Denote the event “a randomly selected person is women” as A.

Denote the event “a randomly selected person is without date” as B.

It is given that the total number of women is n(A) = 28.

The total number of persons without date is n(B) = 16 + 12 = 28.

The number of...


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