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At t = 0, a wheel rotating about a fixed axis at a constant angular acceleration has an angular velocity of 2.0 rad/s. Two seconds later it has turned through 5.0 complete revolutions. What is the angular acceleration of this wheel, in units of rad/s2?


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Step 1

The expression for angular displacement, will be :


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Angular velocity, m, = 2rad / s Angular displacement, 0 = 5.0 complete revolutions or, 0 = 5x 27T Time, t= 2 s We know: .2 at? 0 = @t+ 2

Step 2

Re-arrange the expression to find the an...


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2(0- mt) α- 2(5x 27 - (2.0rad/s)(2s)) (2s) =13.7 rad/s 14 rad/s


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