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Considering the problem and the given solution, if the temperatures in Kelvin were converted to Celsius before they were subtracted from one another, would the resulting change in temperature also be correct?

ATje Tpabat - Tf rala.
279.65-267.25 K
= 12.40K
(Note: ATin k - ST in 'C).

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ATje Tpabat - Tf rala. 279.65-267.25 K = 12.40K 12.440°C (Note: ATin k - ST in 'C).


Expert Answer

Step 1



Tf solvent =279.65 K

Tf soln = 267.25 K

△Tf =Tf solvent – Tf soln

△Tf = 279.65 K – 267.25 K = 12.40 K

Step 2

Now, converting the temperatures in Kelvin (K) to Celsius (oC) before subtraction :

We know that,  oC + 273.15 = K

                or     oC = K &ndas...

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