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Balance the following chemical equation, name the reactants and products, and calculate the enthalpy change under standard conditions.

FeO (s) + O2 (g) ---> Fe2O3 (s).   ΔHºrxn = ?


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Step 1

The equation is given as,

FeO (s)O2 (g)
Fe2O3 (s)

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FeO (s)O2 (g) Fe2O3 (s)

Step 2

The balanced chemical equation is given as,

4 FeO (s)O2 (g)
2 Fe2O3 (s)

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4 FeO (s)O2 (g) 2 Fe2O3 (s)

Step 3

The reactants are FeO (Iron (II) Oxide) and O2 (Oxygen) and product is Fe2O3 (Ferric Oxid...

Heat of reaction
formation of reactants
Sum of heat of formation of products
Sum of heat of

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Heat of reaction formation of reactants Sum of heat of formation of products Sum of heat of


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