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Calculate the difference in energy (in joules) between a photon withλ =697 nm and a photon withλ = 347 nm. Enter your answer in scientific notation.

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Step 1


Wavelength of 1st photon = 697nm

Wavelength of 2nd photon = 347 nm

Step 2


To calculate energy we can use the formula E=hν

We can calculate the value of frequency or ν by the formula c=λν.

3*108 m/s
697x109 m
4.304x1014 sec
3x10 m/s
347x109 m
=8.64x1014 sec

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C 3*108 m/s 697x109 m 4.304x1014 sec 3x10 m/s 347x109 m =8.64x1014 sec

Step 3


Now using these values...

E hv
=6.67X1034J-sx4.304x 1014s1
E2 hv2

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E hv =6.67X1034J-sx4.304x 1014s1 -2.87X1019J E2 hv2 =6.67*103J-sx8.64x1014s-1 =5.76x1019


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