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Deduce the structure of the disaccharide trehalose from the information given below. Draw trehalose and the products of hydrolysis.

a) complete hydrolysis yields only D-glucose

b) it is hydrolyzed to monomers by a-glucosidase but not by b-glucosidase

c) it does not reduce cu2+ to cu+

please provide a drawing


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Step 1
  1. a) Trehalose is a nonreducing sugar with chemical formula α-d-glucopyranosyl α-d-glucopyranoside. It has two d-glucose residues linked together by the 1,1-glycosidic bond. Trehalose hydrolysis in presence of trehalase gives rise to the two equivalents of D-glucose as depicted on the whiteboard.

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Trehalose CH OH он. HO -CHLOH o7 Trehalase. Hyo" (Mphodlpnic) LOM но- HO- би D-gucade

Step 2
  1. b) Trehalose is hydrolyzed to its monomers that is D-glucose, by an enzyme called trehalase. It is an alpha-glucosidase enzyme that is abundant in ...

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