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Birth weights are normally distributed with a mean of 3152.0 g and a standard deviation of 693.4 g.

a. What are the values of the mean and standard deviation after converting all birth weights to 

b. The original birth weights are in grams. What are the units of the corresponding z scores?


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Step 1


In this case we need to find the values of mean and standard deviation after converting all the birth weights to z scores.

Step 2

Standard normal distribution:

  • The normal distribution is with the mean as 0 and the standard deviation as 1.
  • The total area under the density curve is equal to 1.

The z score formula is used to convert a non standard normal distribution to a standard normal distribution. That is, when all the x values are converted into z scores, they get standardized and have the mean 0 and the standard deviation 1. Here,...

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