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Blood Pressure Medication. A medical researcher wants to determine factors that affect a patient’s response to a medication that is designed to reduce blood pressure. 

a. What would you select as the response variable in this study?

b. Suggest five predictor variables that might be useful in prediction of the response variable.

c. Write the multiple linear regression model for the conditional mean of the response variable.


Expert Answer

Step 1


The study is mainly focused on the reduction of patient’s blood pressure. Thus, the response variable is blood pressure.

Step 2


The five predictor variables are,

  • Food habits.
  • Genetically prone to high blood pressure.
  • Number of hours in doing physical activities.
  • Dosage of the medicine.
  • Current blood pressure level (before medication).
Step 3


The multiple linear regression model for the cond...

Statistics homework question answer, step 3, image 1

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