Calculate either [H3O+][H3O+] or [OH−][OH−] for each of the solutions at 25 °C.25 °C.Solution A: [OH−]=2.65×10−7 M  Solution A: [H3O+]=___________MSolution B: [H3O+]=8.83×10−9 M  Solution B: [OH−]=______________MSolution C: [H3O+]=0.000593 M  Solution C: [OH−]=__________M

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Calculate either [H3O+][H3O+] or [OH−][OH−] for each of the solutions at 25 °C.25 °C.
Solution A: [OH−]=2.65×10−7 M  Solution A: [H3O+]=___________M
Solution B: [H3O+]=8.83×10−9 M  Solution B: [OH−]=______________M
Solution C: [H3O+]=0.000593 M  Solution C: [OH−]=__________M

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Step 1

Ionic product of water will be the product of concentrations of H3O+ and OH- at a particular temperature.


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At 25°C, ionicproduct of water, K1014 [но [он ]-к, w [но Тон 1-104

Step 2

Solution A:

The H3O+ concentration is calculated as follows:


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H,O OH10 H,O 2.65x107 10*14 1014 H,O"2.65x10 H,0-3.77x10 M

Step 3

Solution B:

The OH-concentration is ca...


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[H,0OH]-10 8.83x 109 OH = 1014 10-14 Гон ] 8.83x109 OH1.13 10 M


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