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Calculate the amount of coke needed to be burned in order to heat 500. Kj of water from 20°c to 50°c. The heat of combustion of coke is 36.15k/j


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Step 1

Using specific heat formula


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Q-шслт Qheatenergy mmassofasubstance(g) Cspecificheat/gc Ат changeintemрегature(Tsmal -Tnitia? -500kg Convertkgtog Ikg-1000g 500kg 500x1000 =500000g Ат - 50°с-20%с - 30°с Specific heat capacity of water 4.184J/g°C Q 500000g x 4.184/g°Cx30°c-62760J Convert J to k 1J 0.001kJ 62760J 62760x0.001 62.76KJ

Step 2

The heat of combustion of coke is 36.5 kilo joule/gram.

Here 36.15 kilo joule heat will be obtain...


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62.76kJ17360g 36.15KJ/g


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