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) Calculate the ΔG°rxn using the following information.

                    4 HNO3(g) + 5 N2H4(l) → 7 N2(g) + 12 H2O(l)       ΔG°rxn = ?

ΔG°f (kJ/mol) -73.5          149.3                          -237.1



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Step 1

The standard free energy of formation also denoted by ΔGof is the free energy change which occurs when a compound formation takes place form its constituent elements when they are present in their most stable thermodynamic states provided that the conditions must be standard.

Step 2

The standard free energy of a given reaction can also be  calculated from the standard free energies of formation of the reactant and product species as well. It can also be regarded as the difference of sum of the free energies of the products and reactants. The relation between the Gibbs free energy of the reaction and the standard free energies of formation of the reactants and products is shown as follows:

Step 3

The given react...


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