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Calculate the following values. Enter your answers in scientific notation.
(a) What is the Kb of the benzoate ion, C6H5COO?
Kb =




(b) What is the Ka of the 2−hydroxyethylammonium ion, HOCH2CH2NH3+?

pKb of HOCH2CH2NH2 = 4.49

Ka =






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Step 1

The term acid dissociation constant for a given acid can be defined as a quantitative measure of its acidic strength. Acids having a pKa value less than -2 are considered to be strong acids.

Step 2

A base has the tendency to accept protons in the aqueous solutions and thus forming the conjugate acid, BH+. The equilibrium so established in the given reaction has its own specific constant denoted by the symbol, Kb called as the base dissociation constant.

Step 3

The dissociation of the benzoic ...


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С,Н, СООН(аq)+н,0()—c,н, сОО (аq)+Н,О" (aq)


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