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Calculate the freezing point (in degrees C) of a solution made by dissolving 1.71 g of naphthalene {C10H8} in 64.4 g of cyclohexane. The Kfp of the solvent is 20.1 K/m and the normal freezing point is 6.5 degrees C.  Give your answer to 2 decimal places.


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Step 1

Freezing point of a pure solvent decreases upon addition of a salt or a substance. This is called depression in freezing point.

Here, we have naphthalene (solute) dissolved in cyclohexane (solvent).

Mass of naphthalene dissolved = 1.71 g

Molar mass of naphthalene (C10H8) = 128.17 g/mol

Mass of solvent Cyclohexane = 64.4 g = 0.0644 kg

[1kg = 1000 g]

Moles = mass of solute (g)/molar mass (g/mol)

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Step 2

Depression in freezing point

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Step 3

We get,...

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