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Calculate the milligrams of chlorine (35.453 g/mol) in a 4.28 g solution of 22.2 wt% CaCl2 (110.98 g/mol).


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Step 1

The concentration of any substance can be expressed in different ways such as molality, molarity, normality etc. Some other ways are ppm, ppb, mole fraction and mass percentage.

Step 2

Mass percent or weight percent of a solution is the mass of the solute by the mass of the solution multiply by 100. The mathematical expression for molality can be written as:


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mass of solute Mass x 100 Mass of solution mass of solute -x 100 (Mass of solute mass of solvent) Mass

Step 3

The mass percentage as 22% of CaCl2 depicted as 22 g of CaCl2 is dissolved in 100 g of...


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22 g CaCl = 0.94 g CaCl 4.28 g solution x- 100 g of solution


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