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Calculate the molarity of a solution prepared by dissolving 4.11g of NaI in enough water to prepare 3312 mL od solution. 


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Step 1

Molarity is the described as the number of moles present in 1 L solution. Molarity is expressed in mol/L. The mathematical expression is shown below.


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Number of moles (n) Volume(L) Molarity (1)

Step 2

Given data


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Mass of Nal = 4.11g Volume of solution(V) = 3312 mL 1L = 3312 mL 1000 mL = 3.312L

Step 3

The molar mass of NaI is 149.89 g/mol.

The number of ...


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MassNa Number of moles (n) Molar massxai 4.11g 149.89 g/mol = 0.0274 mol


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