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Calculate the molarity of each of the following:

Part 1   

70.0 g LiCl in 250.0 mL of solution
     M ?  

Part 2   

28.5 g NiSO4 in 200.0 mL of solution
     M   ?

Part 3   

52.0 g KCN in 500.0 mL of solution
     M  ?

Expert Answer

Step 1

The number of moles for a given chemical species refers to the ratio of mass of the species to that of its molar mass. The formula is shown below:


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Mass Number of moles=- Molar mass

Step 2

The molarity or the concentration can be defined as the ratio of number of moles of solute which are present per liter of the given solution. The SI units of molarity are moles/L. The mathematical formula as follows:


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Number of moles(n) Molarity=- Volume (L)

Step 3

The mass of LiCl is given to be 70.00 g.

The molar mass of LiCl is 42.394 ...


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Mass Number of moles=- Molar mass 70 g 42.394 g/mol =1.65 mol


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