Asked Oct 15, 2019

Calculate the number of mL of a 500ppm solution needed to prepare 100mL of a 50 ppm solution.


Expert Answer

Step 1


Concentration (C1) = 500 ppm.

Volume (V2) = 100 mL.

Concentration (C2) = 50 ppm.

Step 2

Calculation for...

СтX V, %3D С2 X V,
С2 X V2
50 ррт х 100 mL
500 ррm
И 3 10 mL

Image Transcriptionclose

СтX V, %3D С2 X V, С2 X V2 С1 50 ррт х 100 mL V1 500 ррm И 3 10 mL


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