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Calculate the number of moles present in the 48.4 g of a KCl sample.

A)Number of moles of KCl
is 0.130.
B)Number of moles of KCl
is 0.649.
C)Number of moles of KCl
is 3.25.
D)Number of moles of KCl

is 6.49.


Expert Answer

Step 1

The number of moles of a given species in the given sample is calculated by the expression (1). In this expression, m represents the given mass and M represents the molar mass of the species.


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т п 3D п: M (1)

Step 2

The number of moles of KCl in the gi...


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48.4 g п 3 74.55 g/mol = 0.649 mol


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