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Calculate the pH of 1.25x10^-2 M of the decongestant
ephedrine hydrochloride if the pKb of ephedrine (its
conjugate base) is 3.86.


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Step 1

Ka value is calculated.


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Base - dissociation constants can be expressed as pK, values, pKlog K and =Kb 10 P Given pK of decongestant ephedrine hydrochloride is 3.86 = Kb 10 P = Kb 10-3.86 K1.38x 10 Values of Ka is given below, Kg Kg a K1.0x1014 K 1.38x10 1.0x10-14 Ka _ 1.38x10 Kg7.24x1011 a

Step 2

The above equation is solved by using q...


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ICE table: В аq) н 'аq) ВН" Initial 0.0125M 0 0 concentration Change At equilibrium +X x -х 0.0125M-х х х Н '(аq) В (ад) ВН" н В К, ВН" Given н [в] Bа = 7.24x10 ВН н [в] - 7.24x10 ВН" х .%3D 7.24х101! (0.0125-х) х*- 7.24*10" (0.0125 -х) х— 9.05х1013-7.24x101x х*+7.24x101х -9.05х1013 - 0 +


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