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Calculate the pH of a 0.100 M NaHCO3 solution.


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Step 1

The pH of a given solution can be defined as the measure of its basicity or acidity. More the pH value, more will be the basicity of the given solution, lesser the pH of the solution, more will be its acidity.

Step 2

The Ka for NaHCO3 is 4.8×10-11.

The Kb for NaHCO3 can be calculated as follows:


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К. К К, 1.0 x10 4.8x 10 =0.208 x103

Step 3

The chemical reaction below shows the dissociation...


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Na (aq)+HCO NaHCO, (aq) 0.100 M 0.100 M 0.100 M


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