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Calculating PH

Calculate the pH of a 0.40 M solution of CSH NHCI
(K, for CsHN-1.7x10)
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Calculate the pH of a 0.40 M solution of CSH NHCI (K, for CsHN-1.7x10) Submit Submit Answer Try Another Version 5 item attempts remaining


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Step 1

Here we have 0.40 M C5H5NHCl.

And we know

Kb of C5H5N= 1.79 × 10-9


Step 2

Making ICE table for dissociation of C5H5N:

Step 3

Since Kb value of C5H5N is small that means there will be very less dissociation of C5H5N into their ions. Therefore, in this case, we can take:


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