Calculate the standard enthalpy change for the reaction  2C8H18(l) + 17O2(g) → 16CO(g) + 18H2O(l).Given: 2C8H18(l) + 25O2(g) → 16CO2(g) + 18H2O(l)  H° = –11,020 kJ/mol 2CO(g) + O2(g) →  2CO2(g)                             H° =   –566.0 kJ/mol

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 Calculate the standard enthalpy change for the reaction
2C8H18(l) + 17O2(g) → 16CO(g) + 18H2O(l).

Given: 2C8H18(l) + 25O2(g) → 16CO2(g) + 18H2O(l)  

H° = –11,020 kJ/mol 2CO(g) + O2(g) →  2CO2(g)                             

H° =   –566.0 kJ/mol


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Thermodynamic is the branch of chemistry that mainly deals with the heat transfer between system and surroundings. Here system is the substance for which the heat content is studied and remaining part of universe is consider as the surroundings.

Step 2

The heat content of any substance or reaction system can be expressed in terms of enthalpy whereas the randomness in the system is associated with the entropy of system.

Step 3

Hess law states that the enthalpy change for multistep chemical react...

-ΔΗ+ ΔΗ+ΔΗ. . .

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-ΔΗ+ ΔΗ+ΔΗ. . . ΣΔΗ, reaction


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