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Calculate the volume of hydrogen gas at 273 Kelvin and .95atm when 15.0 g of magnesium reacts with 25.0 g of sulfuric acid.


Calculate the volume of hydrogen gas at 273 Kelvin and .95atm when 15.0 g of magnesium reacts with 25.0 g of sulfuric acid. 

Step 1

In chemistry, there are many ways to check the deviation of experimental data from the accurate value. These different methods provide the difference between accuracy and precisions of the experimental data which can be further used to calculate the error percentage in the experiment.

Step 2

Calculate moles of magnesium:

Molar mass of Mg= 24.3 g/mol

Mass of Mg = 15.0 g

1 mole
0.617 moles
15.0 g
24.3 g

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1 mole 0.617 moles 15.0 g 24.3 g

Step 3

Calculate moles of sulfuric acid:

Molar mass of sulfuric acid...

1 mole
25.0 g98.1 g
0.255 moles

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1 mole 25.0 g98.1 g 0.255 moles


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