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Can you list and explain the major the
observations that were made by Darwin
that led him to the theory of biological evolution?

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The term biological evolution indicates that upon successive generations, the characteristics of the organisms change. Charles Darwin based on his observations concluded that the biological evolution occurs as a result of natural selection.

Step 2

Observations of Charles Darwin:

Overproduction of offspring: The individuals in a population can produce more progeny than that can actually survive. Since more offsprings are produced, the competition occurs between the organisms for survival.

Inheritance: The traits are often inheritable. Most characteristics of the parents are inherited to the offspring. The organisms that can survive and reproduce are capable of passing their traits to offspring.

Variation: Offsprings have different characteristics. Not all the offsprings produced in a species are similar. The offsprings produced will vary slightly from one another, even though most of the characteristics are...

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