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Carbon Oxide (CO) initially occupying 1.8 m3 at 5.2 bar, 246.85°C undergoes an internally reversible expansion during whichpV1.4 = constant to a final state where the temperature is 36.85°C. Assuming the ideal gas model, determine the entropy change, in Joules/K.


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Step 1

In the problem it is provided that the CO follow the reversible expansion process pv1.4=constant. Since the carbon monoxide is a diatomic gas, the value of adiabatic index for CO is 1.4. Thus, the above process is to be considered as a reversible adiabatic expansion.

Step 2

The expression for change in entropy of t...


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dQi-2 +(ds т (assystem generation Since the process 1-2 is an reversible adiabatic expansion. Hence, and dQ2 should be 0 J/K and 0 J respectively the value of the (ds) generation (O J) (ds eystem +(0 JK) Т (ds 0 J/K system


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