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CH3OH can be synthesized by the following reaction.

What volume of H2 gas (in L), measured at 758 mmHg and 90 ∘C, is required to synthesize 23.0 g CH3OH?


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Step 1



Methanol is 23.0 g

T = 273 + 90 = 363 K.

Pressure = 758 m...


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Given reaction is shown below co(g)+ 2H2 (g)CH,OH (g) Number of moles of methanol is calculated as follows, Mass Moles Molar mass 23.0g Moles 32 Moles 0.7187 According to the given reaction, two moles of hydrogen gives one mole of methanol. Therefore, Moles of hydrogen is calculated as follows Moles of hydrogen =2x0.7187 Moles of hydrogen -1.4375


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