Draw the expanded structural formula. Include al hydrogen atoms.

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Q: A solution is found to contain 1 x 10-2 OH− ions, determine the pH of this solution.

A: Given information [OH-] is 1×10-2

Q: Equation #2 P+(CHa), + 2 HCl P+Cl2 + 2CH4 2.

A: Given, Mass of Pt(CH3)2 = 1.0 g Mass of HCl = 1.0 g   Moles of Pt(CH3)2 and HCl can be calculated as...

Q: Which bond is stronger? Briefly explain why.

A: a. The C-Cl bond is stronger because Cl uses an 3sp3 orbital to overlap the 2sp3 orbital of carbon, ...

Q: Calculate the heat lost by a 50.0 g piece of copper metal that decreases it's temperature from 45 de...

A: Specific heat capacity is the amount of heat that is required to raise the temperature of 1 kg subst...

Q: Each row of the table below describes an aqueous solution at about 25 °C. Complete the table. That i...

A: The pH of solution A is calculated using equation (1) as follows:  

Q: Draw a reaction coordinate diagram for a reaction in which a. the product is thermodynamically unsta...

A: a. Thermodynamic stability is indicated by ∆G0. ∆G0=free energy of products – free energy of the re...

Q: What and the three chemical properties of halogens?

A: Halogen family is the group of elements that is present in Group VIIA of the periodic table.  The el...

Q: calculate the solubility  of each of the following  compounds  in moles per liter.  Ignore any acid-...

A: Assume the solubility be s in each case. That means s concentration of salts have dissolved in water...

Q: Draw skeletal structures for the compounds including any cis–trans isomers.

A: Since your question has multiple sub parts, we are solving only first three sub parts for you. If yo...

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