Choose all the common ions that are isoelectronic with Ne?


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Q: Is cooling a nuclear reactor consider a chemical or a physical change?a) Physical b) Chemical c) Nei...

A: If the reaction is irreversible and bond making and bond breaking occur in the reaction and then res...

Q: Half-life equation for first-order reactions: t1/2=0.643k  where t1/2 is the half-life in seconds (s...

A: Given,The reactant concentration is drop to half of its initial value.t= 337 s

Q: In the periodic table, calcium, element 20, is surrounded by elements 12 magnesium , 19 potassium, 2...

A: The most resemple element of calcium atom is magnesium and Strontium.

Q: Determine the empirical formula for a compound that is 70.79% carbon, 8.91% hydrogen, 4.59% nitrogen...

A: Empirical formula of a compound represents the proportion of the elements in a compound irrespective...

Q: The ratio of the mass of Oto the mass of Nin N2O3is 12:7. Another binary compound of nitrogen has a ...

A: The given ratio of mass O to the mass of N in N2O3 is 12:7Mass of O in N2O3 = 3x16 amu              ...

Q: What mass of oxygen is needed fro the complete combustion of 4.70*10-3 g of methane?

A: The balanced chemical equation for combustion of methane is given by

Q: Select the incorrect statement about atomic particlesa) the neutron is the heaviest of the atomic pa...

A: The neutron is the heaviest atomic particle and it is approximately 0.18 % heavier than the second h...

Q: What are all valid resonance structures for both molecules?

A: Resonance: The sharing of electrons between two or more atoms known as delocalization of electrons. ...

Q: Which aqueous solution would exhibit a lower freezing point, 0.35 M K2SO4 or 0.50 M KCl? Explain.

A: Depression or lowering in freezing point is one of the colligative properties of a solution which de...