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For selected molecule identify:

a) all the symmetry elements present

b) appropriate point group

c) which of the symmetry elements listed in (a) are sufficient to determine the point group.


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Step 1

A point, line or plane by which an object leaves a reflection indistinguishable from the original one after rotation is known as symmetry element.

Step 2

The points on one side of an object corresponding to atoms on other side of an object are reflected back then it is said to have a plane of symmetry denoted by sigma (σ) or s.

Vertical mirror plane on the axis is labelled as σv.

The plane perpendicular to the axis is known as horizontal mirror plane and is denoted by σv

The operation through which an object remains unchanged is known as identity operation and is denoted by E.

The rotation of an object leaves the object unchanged sometimes and sometimes not. This type of rotation is termed as axis of rotation and is denoted by Cn where n is the number of folds of rotation.

The inversion of an object through center leaves the object unchanged and this symmetry is termed as center of symmetry. It is denoted by i.

Step 3


Identity operation is present in each object so 1 symmetry element will be E. Also, it has vertical plane of symmetry as passing a plane along x-z axis and y-z axis respectively den...

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