Asked Dec 24, 2019
  • Classify the following compounds as soluble or insoluble in water.
  1. Cobalt (II)
  2. Barium nitrate
  3. Ammonium phosphate

Expert Answer

Step 1

The following compounds are

a). Cobalt(II) hydroxide:

  • It is a hydroxide (OH-) salt.
  • The hydroxide salts generally insoluble in water except for some metal cations and ammonia.

Therefore, Cobalt (II) hydroxide is insoluble in water.

Step 2

b). Barium nitrate:

  • The solubility of an ionic compound in water depends on the solubility of its ions.
  • Barium nitrate Ba (NO3)2 contains (NO3-) anion. The ionic compounds tha...

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