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Combining 0.329 mol Fe2O3 with excess carbon produced 18.9 g Fe


What is the actual yield of iron in moles?

actual yield:
What is the theoretical yield of iron in moles?
theoretical yield:
What is the percent yield?
percent yield:

Expert Answer

Step 1


0.329 mol Fe2O3

18.9 g Fe

The chemical equation involved:


Step 2

Theoritical yield:

As per the balanced chemical equation,

1 mole of Fe2O3 reacts with excess of C to give 2 moles of Fe

0.329 mol Fe2O3 can give------------------------- ? mol. Of Fe

On cross multiplication,

0.329 X 2 / 1

= 0.658 mol.

So, Theoretical yield of iron = 0.658 mol.

Step 3

Actual yield :

The mass of Fe produced = 18.9 g Fe

Converting it into moles:

Moles = mass / molar mass

           = 18...

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