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Compare and contrast DNA and RNA:




-which has ribose and which has deoxyribose 

Doesn't have to be complete sentences.


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Step 1

In all living organisms, nucleic acids help in the formation of the building blocks. These are the group of complex compounds of monomeric nucleotide linear chains in which each nucleotide is made up of a phosphate backbone, sugar, and nitrogenous base. These compounds are involved in replication, maintenance, and expression of hereditary information. There are two important compounds that help in the expression of genetic information, namely deoxyribose nucleic acid (DNA), ribonucleic acid (RNA).

Step 2

Comparison (similarities) between the structure of DNA and RNA are as follows:

  • DNA and RNA are both polynucleotides consisting of strands of nucleotides that are linked together by a 3′-5′ phosphodiester bond.
  • Both contain pentose sugars.
  • Both DNA and RNA contain purine and pyrimidine bases.
  • Both conta...

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