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Comparing Birth Weights The birth weights of a sample of males have a mean of 3272.8 g and a standard deviation of 660.2 g. The birth weights of a sample of females have a mean of 3037.1 g and a standard deviation of 706.3 g (based on Data Set 4 “Births” in Appendix B). When considered among members of the same gender, which baby has the relatively larger birth weight: a male with a birth weight of 3400 g or a female with a birth weight of 3200 g? Why?


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Step 1

z score for the males:

Let x be the weight for new-born males.

Step 2

The formula for the z score is


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х — х Substitute 3,400 as x, 3,272.8 as x and 660.2 as s 3,400 – 3,272.8 660.2 127.2 660.2 = 0.19

Step 3

z score for the females:

Let y be the weight for new-born females.


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y – y Substitute 3,200 as y, 3,037.1 as ỹ and 706.3 as s 3,200 – 3,037.1 706.3 162.9 706.3 = 0.23 Thus, the z score for the female baby is 0.23.


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