Complete the following Algebraic proof.
1. 2x 6 5a + 12
1. Given
2. 2x 6-5
= 5x + 12 5a
[ Select ]
3.-3z-6 12
[ Select ]
4.-3z 6+6 12 + 6
[ Select ]
5.-3x 18
| Select ]
6. =
6. I Select)
7.r -6
7. I Select ]
Transcribed Image Text

Complete the following Algebraic proof. Statements Reasons 1. 2x 6 5a + 12 1. Given %3D 2. 2x 6-5 = 5x + 12 5a 2. [ Select ] %3D 3.-3z-6 12 3. [ Select ] 4.-3z 6+6 12 + 6 4. [ Select ] 5.-3x 18 5. | Select ] 6. = -3z 18 %3D 6. I Select) 3 3 7.r -6 7. I Select ]

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