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Complete the following table by providing the symbol or formula that is used to represent a sample of the element under normal conditions.nameformulaiodine vanadium barium nitrogen


Complete the following table by providing the symbol or formula that is used to represent a sample of the element under normal conditions.

name formula
Step 1

The chemical elements are represented by using one or t...

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A: In 2006, the mass of lead present in one cubic metre is calculated as, 


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A: Kp at 617 K for the given reaction can be determined using van't Hoff equation.


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A: Alkyl, vinyl, or aryl-magnesium halides is called as Grignard reagent.


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A: The Gibbs Helmholtz equation which gives the relationship between Gibbs free energy (G°), enthalpy(H...


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A: It is required to calculate the kg of NH3 required to react with (NH4)2SO4, which can be done based ...


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A: (a)The number of miles in 1 km is 0.621371miles.

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