Complete the square and determine the vertex for following.

y = 3x2 + 9x + 5

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A: Given, If y=euln(u) and u=1-x2     Find dydx:

Q: compute the derivative. f (z) = z tan z

A: The given function is f (z) = z tan z To compute: Derivative of  f (z) = z tan z

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Q: see thee quation as attached here

A: Given: y=-lnxy≥0

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A: our objective is to find the definite integral.

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A: Here we find the area by using limit process.

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A: given,       y=1xsin-5x-x3cos3x

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Q: 4. Assume that the total revenue in dollars from the sale of x television sets is given by R(x) = 24...

A: Given revenue function is : Rx=24x2+x23

Q: Metal Plate A worker sketches the curves y = Vx and y = x/2 on a sheet of metal and cuts out the reg...

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Q: A detector measures a positron moving through an electromagnetic field along a path given by r = \(x...

A: According to question given that r=x+22+y+32x and y correspond to the particle's location (x,y)And r...

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A: Given: ∑n=1∞3xn

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A: Exponential and logrithmic equation are written.

Q: YA 7) 3 X+4 3 y>}x-1 2 432 -2 -1 -4 2 3 4 -2 -3 4 -5

A: The given inequality is: y≤-34x+4y>12x-1

Q: Use the fact that the trigonometric functions are periodic to find the exact value of each expressio...

A: Given, sec540°       Find the exact value:

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Q: Find the angle between the diagonal of a cube and an adjoining edge of the cube.

A: Given: Angle between the diagonal of a cube and an adjoining edge of the cube.

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A: f(x) = sin2x for  0,π6; n = 40∆x = π6-040∆x = π240For Left hand sum, ∑k=140sin2xk-1∆xFor Right hand ...

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A: Please see the answer in step 2

Q: Fineling the derivative of trigonometric %3D

A: Given:  f(x)=ln(2+x )               

Q: Q#6. Number 6 only please.

A: (5). The given function is: y=sec13x

Q: Converge? Diverge? Why?

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Q: an= image is what the value is and the second one is the problem please solve

A: determine whether the series is convergent or divergent if it is convergent find the limit.

Q: Find the Taylor series of f(x) - centered at a = -1. | help (formulas) n=0

A: follow 2nd step

Q: Number 4 only please

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Q: Set up integrals to compute the volume of the solid generated by revolving the region bounded by y =...

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Q: What is the horizontal asymptote of q? q(x)= 4x cubed + 2 all divided by 7x cubed -3x

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Q: Question Given the function f(x) = 2x + 6, find the net signed area between f(x) and the x-axis over...

A: Given function is : fx=2x+6

Q: Find dy/dx, where y is defined as a function of x implicitly by the equation below y= 3 (Arccos (2x)...

A: Given function, y=3cos-1(2x)x(lnx)

Q: Question 7 1 Determine whether the series >. converges or diverges. 2 + 2-k a) Oconverges b) Odiverg...

A: Solve the following

Q: A subpopulation of plant, isolated from the main population, is found to obey the function below, de...

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Q: I am having trouble solving this problem.  Can you please provide me with some help?  Thank you.  I ...

A: Explanation of the answer is as follows