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Compute the confidence interval for the following problems. This time we will be using estimation of mean, standard deviation of the population unknown. Write your answer in inequality notation, in the p+- e notation and graph the interval. 

x (mean) = 12.25   Sx = 1.42   n = 36 C- int: 90%


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Step 1

The provided information are:


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Sample mean(X)12.25 Sample standard deviation (s) =1.42 Confidence level = 90% Sample size(n) 36

Step 2

The formula to calculate the confidence interval for population mean is:

Step 3

Here, the population standard deviation is unknown. So, the t-critical value is used.

The degrees of freedom is: df = n - 1 = 36 - 1 = 35

The criti...


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a 1-0.90 0.10 0.1 35 1.690


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