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Concord Company gathered the following data about the three products that it produces:Product Present Sales ValueEstimated Additional Processing CostsEstimated Sales if Processed FurtherA $10600 $7300 $18900 B 12600 4300 15900 C 9600 2300 13900 Which of the products should not be processed further?  Products A and C Product C Product B Product A


Concord Company gathered the following data about the three products that it produces:

Product   Present 
Sales Value
Estimated Additional 
Processing Costs
Estimated Sales 
if Processed Further
A   $10600   $7300   $18900  
B   12600   4300   15900  
C   9600   2300   13900  

Which of the products should not be processed further?



Products A and C


Product C


Product B


Product A
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We can solve the question as follows :

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