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Consider an E2 reaction between CH3CH2Br and KOC(CH3)3. What effect does each of the following changes have on the rate of elimination? (a) The base is changed to KOH. (b) The alkyl halide is changed to CH3CH2Cl.


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Step 1


E2 elimination reaction: It is a second order elimination reaction and the rate of a reaction depends on both the reactants.  Hence, the rate of an E2 elimination reaction depends on the concentration of an alkyl halide as well as the base.


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Rate = [R- X][base] E2

Step 2

Where, the concentration of an alkyl halide is [R-X] and concentration of base [Base]

Hence, presence of good leaving group and a strong base in an alkyl halide increases the rate of E2 elimination reaction.  In the given case, the base KOC (CH3)3...

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