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Consider combustion reactions :

C3H+ 5O2---------3CO2 + 4H2O.  IF YOU REACT 15.0 mol of O how many mols of C3H is needed to complete reaction? How mah mols of COwill be formed?



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Given that 15 mol O2 is needed in the reaction. Number of moles of C3H8 can ...

5 molO, requires 1molC,H
15.0mol 02 x lmol C,H
5 molO2
No.of moles of C,H3
No.of moles of C,H 3mol

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C,H+5023C02+4H20 5 molO, requires 1molC,H 15.0mol 02 x lmol C,H 5 molO2 No.of moles of C,H3 =3mol No.of moles of C,H 3mol


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