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Consider the equation: (9 x 10^-38) x (9.00 x 10^3) x 35.3= Y 

how many significant figures should Y be expressed?


Expert Answer

Step 1

The significant figures can be defined as the digits in the given number that carry some meaning and are also contributing to its measurement resolution.

Step 2

The significant figure of any number can be determined with the help of 5 rules.

  • Non-zero digits are always significant.
  • Any zeros between two significant digits are significant
  • A final zero or trailing zeros in the decimal portion only are significant.
  • For addition and subtraction, after addition or subtraction, round the answer to the least number of places to the decimal point of any number in the question.
  • For multiplication and division, the least number of significant figures in any number of the question determines the number of significant figures in the answer.
Step 3

In the multiplication of:

(9 x 10-38) x (9.00 x 103) x 35.3= Y 


9 = 1 significant figure


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