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Consider the following molecules:

A - BrF3 B - SCl2
C - CF4 D - SF6
E - BF3  

Which one of these molecules has bonds that are most polar?


Expert Answer

Step 1

The bonds are said to be polar if there is some electronegativity difference between the two atoms.

Step 2

In BrF3 molecule, F is more electronegative than bromine and the shape of molecule is trigonal pyramidal and the dipole moment in each bond is cancelling out.

In SCl2 molecule, Cl is more electronegative than Sulphur and the shape of molecule is bent and therefore, dipole moment in each bond is cancelling out.

In CF4 molecule, F is more electronegative than carbon and the shape of molecule is tetrahedral, and the dipole moment is equal and opposite in each bond therefore, th...

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