Asked Dec 22, 2019
  • Consider the following three complexes.
  1. [Co(NH3)4Br2]Cl
  2. [Pd(NH3)2(ONO)2]
  3. [V(en)2Cl2]+

Which of the following complexes can have

  • Geometric isomers
  • Linkage isomers
  • Coordination sphere isomers

Expert Answer

Step 1

In geometric isomerism is a type of stereoisomerism in which the atoms are arranged in a different manner but the bonds present are identical. In case of square planar complexes the two geometric isomers are cis and trans isomers.

Therefore, the complex that shows this isomerism is 3. [V(en)2Cl2]+

Step 2

There are some ligands that have 2 donor atoms and are capable of binding the metal ion through either of them but only one is linked with metal ion at a time. The  complexes containing such ligands show linkage isomerism and t...

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