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Consider the function g(x)=5x2−18x+35. Find the area under the curve g(x) from x = -5 to x = 15 and then subtract from it the area under the same curve g(x) from x = -5 to x=1. What is the difference?


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Step 1

Area under the curve  g(x) from x = –5 to x = 15


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A-jp-2 15 A, =5x-18x +35 dx 15 5x3 18x2 +35x 2 5 (5(-5 18(-3) , 35(-5)| (s(15 18(15) 3 +35 (15) 2 3 2 =(5625-2025 525)-(-208.33 225-175) = 4733.33 square units.

Step 2

Area under the curve g(x) from x = –5 ...


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1 A,=5x-18x +35 dx -5 5x3 1&x2 +35x 2 |-5 5(-518(-535-5) (5(1)18(1j +35 (1 2 3 2 (1.6667-9+35)-(-208.33-225-175) = 635.9967 636 square units


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