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Consider the lithium molecule and the Li2+ molecular ion:(a) Give the bond order of each species. If a fraction is needed, use a decimal number.Bond order Li2 = Bond order Li2+ = (b) Predict which species should be paramagnetic.Is Li2 paramagnetic? _____Yes/NoIs Li2+ paramagnetic? _____Yes/No(c) Predict which species has the greater bond dissociation energy. The species with the largest bond dissociation energy is: _________a.Li2b.Li2+


Consider the lithium molecule and the Li2+ molecular ion:

(a) Give the bond order of each species. If a fraction is needed, use a decimal number.

Bond order Li2 = 
Bond order Li2+ = 

(b) Predict which species should be paramagnetic.

Is Li2 paramagnetic? _____Yes/No
Is Li2+ paramagnetic? _____Yes/No

(c) Predict which species has the greater bond dissociation energy. 

The species with the largest bond dissociation energy is: _________

a. Li2
b. Li2+
Step 1


The bond order calculation formula and the MO diagram of Li2 molecule and Li2+ molecular ion is given below,

Step 2

For Li2 molecule,

Step 3

For Li2+ molecular ion...


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