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Consider the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by the given curves about the x-axis.

y=9-9x2, y=0
Find the volume V of this solid.

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y 99x and y 0 0 So, 9 9x2 -9x2 9 x2 1 x 1 So, the region of x is - 1sxs 1.

Step 2

Therefore, Volume of...


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V T(9-9x2)- (0)2 dx 81 162x281x4 dx 1 = TT|81x = 81x -54x3 81 일) |81 x 1 - 54(12) +81- |81(-1)-54(-1)3 +81 = TT 5 (31- 54+ -81 + 54 5 432 T cubic units 5


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