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Consider the UDP header 12 03 00 OF 00 1E A3 10. What is the total length of theUDP?a) 32 bytesb) 24 bytesc) 30 bytesd) 20 bytes

Consider the UDP header 12 03 00 OF 00 1E A3 10. What is the total length of the
a) 32 bytes
b) 24 bytes
c) 30 bytes
d) 20 bytes

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Consider the UDP header 12 03 00 OF 00 1E A3 10. What is the total length of the UDP? a) 32 bytes b) 24 bytes c) 30 bytes d) 20 bytes

Step 1

Consider the given:

The given User Datagram Protocol header is “12 03 00 0F 00 1E A3 10”.

Step 2


In User Datagram Protocol (UDP), the header has “4” parts.

Each part in the header is of “2” bytes.

First part is “Source port number” and here it is “12 03”.

Second part is “Destination port number” and here it is “00 0F”.

Third part is “Total length” and ...

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