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Consider the unbalanced equation for the neutralization of acetic acid:

αHC2H3O2(aq)+βBa(OH)2(aq) →γH2O(l)+δBa(C2H3O2)2(aq)

How would this equation looked balanced


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Step 1

The unbalanced chemical equation is given by as follows:


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анС, Н,о, (ад) +BBа (ОН), (аq) —> н,0() + ӧВа(С,н,о,), (ад)

Step 2

The chemical equation is balanced by using the law of conservation of mass in which both reactant and product contain the same number of atoms. The equation is balanced by multiplying the required coefficient number.

Step 3

In the given chemical equation, put 1 in place of beta and delta, and put 2 in place of alpha a...


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2HC, Н, О, (а) + Ва(ОН), (а) > 2Н,0 () + Ba (С, Н,О,), (ӕ)


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