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/cont69822/viewContent/9514384/ViewConstruct the complete truth table for each of the following formulas:51 (PAOV (PA-O52. (IA-P)53 -PV P)63 P-8)-, (PA Q))65 (PV (P → Q))66 (P O) (OP)67 (P O)(P)



Construct the complete truth table for each of the following formulas:
51 (PAOV (PA-O
52. (IA-P)
53 -PV P)
63 P
-8)-, (PA Q))
65 (PV (P → Q))
66 (P O) (OP)
67 (P O)(P)

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/cont69822/viewContent/9514384/View Construct the complete truth table for each of the following formulas: 51 (PAOV (PA-O 52. (IA-P) 53 -PV P) 63 P -8)-, (PA Q)) 65 (PV (P → Q)) 66 (P O) (OP) 67 (P O)(P)

Step 1

For (P→Q) we will apply the rule “P implies Q is true ...


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