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contain a glycerol backbone attached to three fatty acids.


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Step 1

Lipids consist of a very high proportion of C—H (carbon-hydrogen) bonds. They are hydrophobic (water-hating) in nature, hence lipid molecules do not mix with water.

Step 2

The simple skeleton that builds several lipids consists of two main types of molecules, namely glycerol and fatty acids.

Fatty acids: long-chain hydrocarbons possessing a COOH (carboxylic acid) at one end.

Glycerol: 3-carbon polyalcohol [three hydroxyl (—OH) groups].

Step 3

Several lipid molecules consist of a glycerol molecule attached with three fatty acids, one fatty acid to each carbon present in the glycerol backbone. The glycerol is joined with the fatty acids (three) by dehydration reactions. Since it consists of three fatty ...


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